A dedicated platform awaits you that is optimised for all your needs and growth.

Who needs a server? The answer is all of the big businsses out there or sites that use really heavy resources. The common misconception about having a dedicated server for your business is that you need to understand every server command and configuration. That is true if you go out and get your own server but here you don't need to - because we do it for you. Yes, if you can use WHM with our reseller accounts, you're already qualified to have a server with us.

You get the entire server and all the server resources for whatever you need them for. We will handle all of the server configuration. That includes security checks, patches and upgrades from day one on an ongoing basis.

We will set up a filesystem that suits your requirements, keep the server software updated and all you need to handle is the WHM panel to add your sites, configure disk space for your customers and pretty much set it up the way you want.

Did we menntion this is the same WHM offered with our larger hosting packages? Yes we did but to emphasise, the transition is seamless.

We don't offer cheap servers. We won't offer you anything we would not use for our own business because cheap servers are cheap for a reason. You get what you pay for when it comes to servers. Pay next to nothing and you end up with nothing. We find that the lowest cost servers simply do not offer the value for money the server of our choice offers. For our customers, we find the best value for money and for that money, they get a mighty server that can handle loads of accounts. Interested? Read on.

WHM and CPanel are included as standard on all of our servers.

Offsite backps are included as standard on all of our servers.

Lifetime security updates are included as standard on all of our servers.

Defective hardware replacements are included as standard on all of our servers.

24/7 monitoring and ping testing are both included on all of our servers as standard.

The cheapest server is going to cost about £180 per month whereas the most expensive servers are about £600 per month. You do as with all aspects of web hosting get exactly what you pay for.

As such please do not be fooled by people offering servers 30% of what we charge, if they were any good we'd already be using them and save ourselves a lot of money.

Lastly, if you need help migrating from your current host over to us, we can help with that too. You've seen quite a lot on this site a link to email us. Go for it, we don't bite :)

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