Earn cash by referring people for our services.

Do you know someone who wants a website? Send them our way but don't leave without a thanks from us. Here is some cash.

That is how this works. You get your friends and family to sign up with us for any of our services and we will pay you for it as a thank you. Why shouldn't you be thanked after all because not only are you giving us customers but you are giving your friends and family a brilliant host who can provide a platform for them to expand their business, hobby or personal site.

So how does this work exactly? Well get in touch and we will let you know.

Being an affiliate takes no technical skill, doesn't involve any creative writing on your part and best of all, it is eas easy as copy and paste. We supply the images, links and content.

Once they sign up, you will be credited in your affiliate panel with a cash sum. You can withdraw it to your PayPal or bank account. You choose.

We've currently got affiliates bringing in hundreds of pounds of business per month and getting paid hundreds of pounds every month. Is there a limit as to how many people you can refer to us? Absolutely not. Maybe you can be the first person earning thousands per month? You never know until you try.

And to show you our gratitude, we're not just giving you cash for new customer. Every year when customers renew, we'll give you more cash because our affiliate system is all recurring. You can literally bring us a customer and then be paid for many years without ever having spoken to that customer since.

There is a wonderful earning potential made possible by you simply knowing people who need websites. So get in touch and make some money!

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