Who we are, why we started and what you can expect.

The early days

Are you tired of false promises? Tired of being a mere folder on a server? Sick of no support, slow loading times and sites that do not work on your friends computer? Are you sick of companies wasting your time, taking their time, not delivering and giving you a negative impression of the internet?

Yes, we were too actually hence why we started CraftStream. A quick brief history lesson here. We are from a background in IT, print, copyediting and writing. Quite a mixture and as such, when the internet dot com boom happened, we all had sites. Why not we thought, let's get out there and see what happens.

We were all so giddy the first time we saw our very own sites online. We loved the idea of personalised email addresses. Like you do with your friends when you get a new car, you tell people about it.

To our horror, what we found out there was what could only be described as clueless cowboys hosting thousands of sites on ill-equipped and insecure severs. They had no idea how to patch anything, did not spend money getting consultants to fix anything, did not bother to learn anything and as such, we ended up with our sites being worthless to us as they were always offline.

You wouldn't call yourself a doctor if you didn't know how to diagnose an illness. You wouldn't call yourself a pilot if you cannot fly a plane. So how come any random person can go out, rent a server and call themselves a web host without a single clue how the operating system works? Why should it be down to the customer to tell the host how to fix it? That was the problem we had with numerous hosts we tried back then.

And here we are now

The whole point if being a web host is to be the people providing the stable platform to a customer who wants to showcase their business to the audience of the internet. We started out as a hosting company and initially hosted just our own sites and the sites of our friends. We started hosting our own sites because we needed a host who we could trust with our livelihood. It was our friends and family who initially told us that we do this so well so why not do it full time? So we did.

Once we had the infrastructure in place, we went for it and have never looked back. Based primarily in London, NYC and Texas yeehaw, we have around the clock support. We are proud to say we have numerous servers hosting thousands of sites ranging from small static five-page HTML sites to huge forums with millions of posts. We want to be the company that gives you everything you ever need on the net.

Each of our hosting servers are kept at under 50% capacity to ensure lightning quick loading times for our customers. We cater to each customer and ensure we give them a server configuration that meets their requirements while ensuring we keep everything secure.

We've never had a customer complain about our service and intend to keep it that way. Try us for a month and see, you have absolutely nothing to lose and we are so confident you will love our service that we will give you your money back. Cancelling is easy should you ever want to leave, there are no contracts. Our contract is a handshake, or in this computer world where hands cannot span oceans, our word.

We're not going to sit here saying all other hosts are bad. We are sure these days there are many good hosts. We even host a few other hosts and resellers who lease dedicated servers from us. We just focus on what we do and believe we do it to the best of our abilities.

We strive to keep our overheads low and pass the savings on to the customer. We're not going to put up a picture of a beautiful actor wearing a headset on here as is the norm these days but we hope you consider our services anyway.