Frequently asked questions by our existing and potential customers.

How come you don't have a big FAQ like other hosts?

We do. You can find it here. Make yourself a cup of something strong, put your slippers on, kick back and read. It is not the shortest page in the world but perhaps one of the most informative.

Is it safe to order from your site?

Absolutely. See the padlock in your browser address bar up top? Click it and see. See the Comodo Secure logo the bottom of the page? Hover your mouse over it or click it if on a mobile. That means the site is secure. You should always be very careful on sites that do not have the padlock in the address bar. That is just general advice for every site you go to.

Why should I pick you guys to host my site?

Because we use nice fonts on our website. No, in all seriousness our biggest asset is us. We have time for you, we care about you, we reach out to and we guide you. You aren't going to be stuck in a folder and forgotten about. We aren't saying we are amazing at everything in the world but we are not too shabby at this webhosting lark.

There are other hosts like ***name removed so we don't get sued*** who host millions of sites for much cheaper, so why not go with them?

You can if you want but just picture this, are they employing millions of people to look after you? Or when there is an issue are you just a ticket on a system waiting ages for two minutes of their time? Really deep down, do you honestly think they will spend hours helping you solve an issue? Or change a global server configuration to help make your life easier? No, they don't.

Do I need to get a dedicated server or should I stick with a WHM account?

This depends purely on you. With any WHM account, you are still sharing the server with other WHM or cPanel users. With a dedicated server, every resource on there is yours. In the webhosting world, disk space and bandwidth is currency. You get more bang for your buck with a dedicated server but it is akin to moving into a mansion as one person. One person doesn't need six bedrooms and one small site doesn't need a dedicated server. If in doubt, chat to us. We don't bite.

Why don't you have a ticking sysem on your website?

We'd rather talk to you one to one, as a person, and not have an entire list of people to deal with at the same time. You deserve our 100% focus and in email, that is what you get.

What if email is down, how do we contact you?

Well we thought of that one and we have clusters of email servers always serving our email. Even more so, we tend to always try to not only get an external email address from you but we can chat to you on the phone, via text messaging, Viber, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts or Facebook. In this world of technology and accessbility, there is no reason for anyone to be hidden from their customers. Those who hide or cannot be contacted generally aren't worth dealing with.

Have you ever met your customers?

Absolutely sometimes we do. They will drop us a line saying they are in London or NYC. It is nice to put a name to a face and get to know people.

Do you think it crosses the line of professionalism to have customers add you on a social network or follow you on another social network for instance?

It depends on the person. While about 30% of our customers have added us on social networks and such, most are private and are only here for the business side. They are treated the exact same way as everyone else. After all, we might be the friedliest webhost out there but we're also one of the most professional.

How far will you go to help your customers with issues?

Above and beyond. It is as simple as that. So far in all the years we've run CraftStram, there is not a single outstanding issue we've yet to solve. We're proud of this record.

Can I add questions to your knowlodgebase?

Yes, please do. Email them to us and we will put them in. We want to make it even more extensive.

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