A sleek, elegant and fluid website awaits your business to take it to the next level.

The design of your site makes or breaks your business. It is the most important cog in the wheel. It is what makes or breaks a sale. The hosting space is a platform. The site is the eyecatcher.

If your site does not work on a potential customers browser, you've lost a customer.

If your site takes too long to load, you are pushing the patience of a potential customer and they're going to wonder if their site will be this slow. You've lost a customer..

If your potential customer cannot find what they are looking for, you've lost a customer.

If your potential customer has to endlessly scroll sideways on a portable device, they get bored and as above, you've lost a customer.

We will make your site work. It will work on the most obscure browsers. It will work on any portable device. It will conform to every web standard out there. Your site will be responsive or as we say, fluid.

Let's look at an example. If you were to freeze one pint of water in a circular glass and then try to fit the frozen block into a square container one pint container, it would not fit. A pint of liquid would however fit into any pint container you pour it into. A fluid site is able to adjust itself to any browser size on any device.

Shall we test this before your own eyes? Of course. Resize your browser window and see what happens. There is no need to refresh and no need to reload. You can make this site as wide or narrow as you like. The site will adjust to whatever browser window you give it. This is how we test sites on phones, tablets and invite our customers to do the same. You cannot predict what device your next customer is using and in the day of mobile phones, watches, tablets, TVs, games console and so many more internet capable devices, why restrict your customer base? There is no excuse why every site cannot work on every single device. That's how we set out to make sites and we will adhere to that no matter what.

We will build your site using one of our many coding frameworks on which we built this site and give your site the look, feel and brand identity you deserve. Are you self-employed or freelancing and struggling for gigs or even a business identity? We can help.

The overheads will be non-existent. The loading times will not be unnoticable, the file sizes will be tiny but the potential for your site will be huge.

Since we will put the code together, we can tweak and adjust it as and when you need it.

We don't charge the world to make you a site and you won't be waiting for weeks for the site to be online.

If you need us to build you a site and give your business the online presense you deserve, get in touch and let's get the ball rolling. Remember, asking us doesn't put you under any obligation to use our services. Advice, consultation and simply saying hello is all free :)

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